Wednesday, March 23, 2011

92: How I wish the person is you

"One, two, three, four,
Tell me that you love me more.."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


feel so exhausted...
keje banyak..
need someone to hold me tight and say
"don't worry dear.. everything gonna be just fine..
you just do the things right, and do the right things right..
just the way it is"
owh.. it's melt my heart la bro kalo lu blh wt cm tu kat gua..
rasa2 this weekend nk berjalan la.. sleep over at friends house ke..
ade sape2 free this weekend?


He's not the best looking guy,
He's not the smartest guy and even
He's wearing a thick glasses to class..
He can be a jerk sometime..
sometime i called him and say:
"Ko ni sengal la.. behave skit boleh tak?"
But some reason, I don't really care what bad about him..
He's different, He care about me..
I adore him a lot
How he care to make me smile all the time..
How he care to make me love him..
Ya dear.. It works..
and all I can say is
He's perfect for me..
Just nice the way he is..
and I love him a lot..

Monday, March 21, 2011


Its not Sunday morning anymore..
but I'm still smiling..
owh.. what have you done to me..?
I'm so thankful that Allah brought you into my life..
I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
I love the way u make me smile all the time..
I want you to know that..
I love you..

still smiling.. thinking bout the roti flying kiss..(^_^)

Monday, March 7, 2011


FINALLY...!! 88..
my lucky number..
semalam pegi rumah ummi ngan apak, tgk baby.. comel gile..
pakcik dia pon comel jugak.. ops..!!
Tgk dia tido lame kot..
tapi malu la ngan akak ipar si dia tu..
asyik nak menyakat kite je..
hamboi.. naseb ko bestfriend aku,
kalo x dh lame kena lempang sampai teleng..
tapi yg memuskilkan diri ni, knape kalo virtual,
dia cm steady je ngan kite..
tp ble dpn2, jadi cm sombong,
mcm kite xde depan mate dia,
mcm kite invisible..
apakah itu normal..??

**saya cuba nk fikir pasal org lain sbb somebody tu dh reject kite..
so jgn terhegeh2 lg ye..

Saturday, March 5, 2011


owh..xthu nk tulis ape.. tp sbnr nye ad yg nk diluahkan..
sy ad suke somebody, dia dlu penh luah kn perasaan dia pd asy juga..
but.. at that time, sy bru pas clash dgn my-ex-bf..
so sy tolak dia coz xnk la dia rase cm sy guna dia just untk lupe kn my-ex je kn..
I actually need time.. bkn totally reject dia..
and now, sy plak rase cm ad feel pd dia..
rasa rindu,rasa syg..
can't imagine life without him..
and now, ad girl yg tgh try dia(agaknye la kot)..
and dia plak cm suke dkat that girl..
and sy rase dia cm xready nk ad commitment
so dia reject sy..ntah la..
sebenarnye xnk luahkan perasaan kat dia sbb malu..
tp fikir2 blk, kalo xluahkan, sure menyesal nti..
so skrng nk act cool je.
dh luahkan, dh dpt feedback, negative ke positive ke xkisah la..
lega skit..
and now, sy btl2 rase cm dh putus harapan..
end up alone...