Thursday, November 10, 2011


examination is around the corner
n i?
been busy with my feelings..
I don't know why..
I been so sooo sensitive right now..
blame the break up?
naa.. i don't think so!
coz I'm not sad for breaking up
with the man who not loving me as I am..
whats up in my mind is about my sick mom,
my bank account that nearly kering kontang?
whut?? its only 10/11 thou.. ya I know.. boros!
My trip to Bandung,
My dream plat number with my name n birthday on it..
ape lg?
being trap with my lonely feeling,
lack of motivation..
ntah la.. being jealous of all love birds
that fly in front of my eye..
meluat ok.. sbb aku xde.. boleh?
kdang2 rsa meluat sbb diorng tu sedap2 je buat dosa,
aku? yg nk yg halal ni tak dapat2.. bengang ok..!!
ok I'm so pissed OFF!!

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