Sunday, February 20, 2011

84: Like a Child

one friend share this video to my wall on facebook..
what a lovely song (if you read and feel the meaning of the song)
Its about a guy who fall for this girl,
but he afraid to confess hiss feeling to the girl..
a days goes by and the feeling growing until he can't handle it..
he become a person with full of jealousy toward the girl.
he feel insecure,he afraid to fall asleep if he woke up,
all the precious feeling will vanish from his memory bank.
he afraid the feelings will lost due to his awkwardness..
he afraid that everything will fall apart because of no reason..
at the end, he realize that all the awkward feeling,
all the insecure feeling is normal as a couple..
then he is thanking the girl for giving him such a wonderful feeling..
and he still in love with the girl..

Kim Dongryul- Like a Child (ft. Alex) *English subs* Live

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